Mary is very passionate about helping others to feel less stress and pain. Through her many techniques and extensive knowledge, she is able to provide ways to assist you to a balanced state, both physically & emotionally. Mary's business is named appropriately. Give her a call and experience The Comfort Touch. Mary is an amazing healing faciltator!          BB

Mary is a caring and wonderful individual. After a massage or Reiki treatment you feel relaxed and at ease. She has a very professional manner and is very well educated in her field.       SP

Great massage and reiki treatment. Excelent yoga classes too.        NW

Mary is a master at helping one feel relaxed and getting one back to a balanced life. I have had many massages and this by far in conjuction with the reiki is the best. While going through my divorce this was my saving grace and helped me through those stressful times. Highly recommend Mary for any of her services.       CT

 I've always tried to learn from Mary when time allows. She is a wonderful healer on many levels. The more I learn over the years, the more I need to know.      CH

I have known Marry Fullen since 1989, when i started my nursing career at Akron City Hospital.  I have tremendous respect for Mary professionally as a nurse, and personally as a compassionate and loving friend.  We spent many hours working side by side in the Labor and Delivery unit at City hospital, and got to know each other quite well. Mary had talked about "reiki" to me on occasion, but I was skeptical.  I couldn't really understand the entire concept, of "energy healing" through 
hands, but the more she talked, the more I listened.  Yet, I still had a few doubts, until I was in a situation to see for myself. Like many nurses I know, I am always fearful of hurting my back on the job, either from lifting heavy patients or pushing beds, I am constantly protecting myself.  Therefor, I was totally unprepared for the excrutiating pain I felt one night while reaching over my bed to put the decorative pillows I kept there on the floor for the night.  The pain was instantaneous 
and excrutiating.  I could literaly not stand up!!  It was like nothing I ever felt before.  I called for my husband and he somehow got me into bed, where I spent a sleepless night in pain.  I could not move from side to side without crying out.  The next day I was at my Dr.s' office and was prescribed muscle relaxants and pain pills.  I remained flat on my back, in bed for the next several days, wondering what I was going to do.  I started thinking of Mary and the "reiki" she talked about.  I 
called her and she immediately came to my house.  She explained it would probably take more than 1 session and that I might feel worse before I felt better, but I didn't care.  The session itself was about 1/2 hour, and I could feel the heat form her hands and started to relax.  The next 24 hours didn't show much improvement, but truely, after that, I did start to be able to move somewhat, and not be in total pain.  I ended up going to her office for a few more treatments, and I was a firm believer!  I had stopped taking my medication with her first visit, and I never went back on it.  I was so happy and relieved, I was able to go back to work!!  Get up out of bed!!  The pain of a back injury is depressing and life altering, and I felt as if I had been given a second chance.  Over the years, I have been to Mary for "tweaks" to the back, but I have never had to go back on medication for pain.  And that s really a gift.  In fact, , I completed a "mini-triatholon" at Akron General Wellness Center and during the course of my training, I hurt my back slightly and was in to see Mary the next day.  With her treatment, I was able to finish my training, and the competion!  I wont say that I finished first, but for a middle aged woman I didn't do to bad!!

I want to share with you one more story...When my son was 16 and a sophomore in high school,he ad a groin injury while playing basketball ball.  Thinking if a small amount of ice was good to help heal the injury, a large amount would be even better!  He took a melted pre- made ice bag, put it in the freezer, made sure it was as solid as a block of ice, and then secured it to his upper thigh and went to bed for the night.  Needless to say, he awoke the next morning with a freezer burn in the shape of the ice bag to his thigh.  He spoke to he trainer about it, who told him the skin was dead, It would most likely never heal and wouldleave a scar.  I was not happy about this, and he was still in pain from the injury.  I new I had tocall Mary, but I wasn't sure my son would go along with the consult because of the location 
of the injury.  To make a long story short, he did, and the night of her first session with him, I could actually SEE the outline of her hand on his 
leg.  He had 2 more sessions, recovered from the muscle injury, the skin started to rejuvenate, and to this day he has no scar and no tissue damage.  
Unbelievable!!!  He actually saw her again with an ankle injury, and is a true convert to reiki.
These are my personal stories with reiki, and I stand by them and am willing to talk to anyone who has questions.  I continue to call Mary when I need 
help, and would encourage anyone to do so.  Thanks so much for listening to me,         JN

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