Light is energy and it can be used to help heal. The mind is very powerful and when you combine thought with light energy, it can have dramatic effects. These are some techniques that anyone can use to help cleanse, re-balance and heal. You can use these techniques as often as you wish to help yourself and others.

White Light- white light can be used to cleanse and purify. You can envision or feel a pure bright white light flowing all around you and all through you, cleansing and purifying all parts of you. You can envision it around another person or use it  to cleanse a space.

Pink Light -pink light brings love, peace and harmony. Picture yourself totally enclosed in a beautiful pink light. Feel it flowing all around you and all through you bringing love and peace to all parts of your body, mind and spirit .Use it on others or to fill a room or a space with love and peace.

Green Light- green light is used to heal. Picture whatever area needs to be healed. Then envision it being flooded with green healing energy.

Gold Light- gold light is used for protection. Feel yourself surrounded in God's  loving protective gold light.

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