Through the course of my own spiritual growth and my work with others, I have come to "know" a group of spiritual helpers. I call these "my purple friends".  They exist in a spiritual realm and are available to help us when we ask. I would like to explain about some of these beings and share how you also can work with them.

Michael the Archangel- Micheal is an angel and is the best being to call upon for clearing. It is as simple as asking him to clear away any darkness or negativity from you, another, or a space. Raphael- He is another archangel and is known as the angel of healing. Raphael is a green energy being. He can be called upon to help with anything that needs healed.

Chamuel- Chamuel is a pink light and helps with opening the heart, with .bringing in love and with spreading peace.

Mother Mary- Mary Mother of God is a very powerful healer. There are many shrines dedicated to her where people go to pray for healing. Mary is gentle and loving, and she intervenes for us on earth. She is a model of peace and love and can be called upon to help attain those qualities.

Quan Yin- She is the eastern goddess  of compassion, mercy  and kindness. She can be called upon to help to acquirethese traits.

Lady Nada- She is an ascended master who teaches about peace, service, and brotherhood. She can help to open your heart to unconditional love.

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