Reiki- a form of stress  reduction which uses light touch to help ease pain and facilitate healing.

Massage Therapy-the use of massage to relax tense muscles, thus increasing circulation which aids in healing.

Chakra Balancing-  balancing the main energy centers of the body, to enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Aromatherapy- the use of essential oils, either inhaled or massaged into the skin for relaxation and healing purposes. The Comfort Touch Aroma Blends are available for purchase.

Healing for Healers  -this is a group for energy healers and body workers to come together to  share experiences and healing, and to send group healing to others and to the earth.    

Peaceful Spirit Women's Circle-this is a group for women to come together for warmth and sharing, peaceful relaxation, self discovery and personal growth.

Massage Therapy

60 min....$70

30 min...$40

'Reiki/Energy Therapy

30 min................... ..$35

45 min......................$50


                                                                        Reiki Special *                                                                                                                                            3 sessions for $90 ( reg $105)                                                                                        (Sessions must be scheduled no more than 2 weeks apart)

Gift Certificates available



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