Reiki- a form of stress  reduction which uses light touch to help ease pain and facilitate healing.

Corporate Reiki- brings the benefits of Reiki to your place of business. Short Reiki sessions are done for your employees to help reduce stress, promote calmness and increase focus.

Massage Therapy-the use of massage to relax tense muscles, thus increasing circulation which aids in healing.

Chakra Balancing-  balancing the main energy centers of the body, to enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Aromatherapy- the use of essential oils, either inhaled or massaged into the skin for relaxation and healing purposes. The Comfort Touch Aroma Blends are available for purchase.

Stretch and Yoga Class- combines breathing, stretching and gentle yoga poses to help reduce stress and increase flexibility. No experience necessary.

Natural Health Consultations-  after completion of assessment and health intake forms, an appointment is scheduled. Information and suggestions about food, supplements and lifestyle changes are made based on your individual needs and health conditions. 

Healing for Healers  -this is a group for energy healers and body workers to come together to  share experiences and healing, and to send group healing to others and to the earth.    

Peaceful Spirit Women's Circle-this is a group for women to come together for warmth and sharing, peaceful relaxation, self discovery and personal growth.



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