Cleaning with White Vinegar

September 4, 2017
Since the use of chemicals is being linked more and more to health problems, I love telling about products that are natural and better for you. White vinegar is an AMAZING product! I buy it by the gallon and use it for so many things. I dilute 1/2 cup in water to soak my fruits and vegetables in for a few minutes to clean them to help rid them of pesticides or bacteria. Adding vinegar to your final rinse in place of fabric softener helps to soften and to reduce static cling. Mixing vinegar with baking soda makes an amazing grout and tile cleaner. It makes a great bathroom cleaner too, killing germs and odors.  You can use vinegar to rinse your hair, soothe bug bites, treat laundry stains, kill weeds, remove gum, unclog drains, clean coffee pots. The possibilities are endless! A gallon of white distilled vinegar only costs about $3, so it can also save you money. But the best part is that it is better for your health.

Reiki is great!!!

April 11, 2013
I LOVE Reiki.!  Once again my complete faith in this wonderful healing technique is validated. I fell on February 17th and broke my elbow. The neck of the radius broke off, and I had surgery on February 20th to replace it with a titanium implant. . Other than what they may have given me while I was under anesthesia, I never took any pain medication through this process. I received  Reiki. I was  told that it would take twelve weeks after surgery before I would be able to return to work. ...

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